Sustainability Policy Statement

At Promotional Wearhouse, we are fully committed to operating in a sustainable way. We source our products from responsible UK distributors who aim for high welfare and sustainability standards.

Our aim is to continually increase our commitment to sustainability and communicate to our staff, customers and suppliers our commitment to minimising environmental impact and increasing social engagement.

To allow us to meet our aims we aim to raise staff, customers and supplier awareness of the environmental. We aim to constantly monitor our energy and waste policies and seek to limit our environmental impact. We support the communities we engage with, including customers, employees, the local community and the institutions that support them. We examine this sustainable policy annually, amend targets and communicate findings to staff, customers and suppliers.

UK Fashion and Textile Association Regulations

Fibre Content

Fibre content labelling in apparel and textiles is mandatory in the UK as laid down in the 2012 Textile Products (Labelling and Fibre Composition) Regulations. The basis of these Regulations is that the label must include information on the main fibre types used and their percentages. The information given must be understandable by a consumer.

Country of Origin

Country of origin labelling is not compulsory in the EU. However, it is necessary to have an origin label if, without such a label, the consumer could be misled as to the true origin of the garment.

Care Labelling

The inclusion of washing instructions is not mandatory in the UK; however, it is strongly encouraged. We would always recommend the use of GINETEX symbols - the system used throughout Europe.

Flammability - Nightwear

Nightwear and garments commonly worn as nightwear are subject to certain labelling requirements concerning their flammability. Children's nightwear must satisfy the flammability requirements specified in British Standard 5722. Babies' garments and adults' nightwear must carry a permanent label showing whether, or not, they meet the Flammability Standard.


Water Use & Quality

  • Improve water-use efficiency and/or re-use in cultivation or production of raw materials (e.g. cotton) and the manufacturing of apparel products.
  • Minimize the volume and chemical constituents of water discharges associated with manufacturing of apparel products and eliminate impacts to local communities.
  • Reduce the need for water use in garment care by challenging conventional washing practices and developing alternative approaches.

Energy & Emissions

  • Minimize direct and embedded energy use and carbon in apparel products.
  • Drive innovative design and technology to create apparel products that mitigate other carbon impacts in society (such as reducing the need for heating and air conditioning systems).


  • Develop effective uses for textile waste, creating a second life for materials.
  • Commit to minimizing waste in our operations, supply chain, and end-of-life of apparel products.

Chemicals & Toxicity

  • Reduce the use of chemicals and potentially hazardous materials which pose health or environmental risks if not properly handled in cultivation or production of raw materials, and the manufacturing of apparel products.

Social and Labour

  • Collaborate with industry peers and supply chain partners to achieve full life cycle transparency (back to origin of material) about the social and ethical performance impacts of all companies and products.
  • All workplaces are fair, safe, and non-discriminatory, including zero exposure to toxic chemicals.

The Sustainable Apparel Coalition


We are committed to conducting our dealings in an ethical manner, by complying with all laws and acting in a transparent and socially responsible way.


We will continue to develop high value-adding services to provide to our customers and to benefit our suppliers; and provide them with the tools they need to succeed.


We are committed to adopting the highest professional standards in our operations.


We will continuously pursue fresh approaches and ideas in marketing and product development to be applied throughout the supply chain.

Sustainable Product

We encourage and assist the entire supply chain to adopt environmentally sustainable and ethical production methods.