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Proud to be an Event Merchandising leader
across Europe

Edinburgh's Hogmanay

Proud to be an Event Merchandising leader
across Europe

European Championships

Proud to be an Event Merchandising leader
across Europe

Castle Concerts

Proud to be an Event Merchandising leader
across Europe

UEFA Champions League Final

Proud to be an Event Merchandising leader
across Europe

UEFA Super Cup Final

Proud to be an Event Merchandising leader
across Europe

UEFA Europa League Final

Proud to be an Event Merchandising leader
across Europe

MTV EMA Awards

Proud to be an Event Merchandising leader
across Europe

Ryder Cup Programme

Proud to be an Event Merchandising leader
across Europe

Trafalgar 200

Proud to be an Event Merchandising leader
across Europe

World Pipe Band Championships

We are the Champions...

We have supplied our Merchandise Partnership® to the following UEFA Championship Finals:

UEFA Super Cup Final logo
UEFA Champions League Final logo
UEFA Europa League Final logo

Promotional Warehouse have supplied merchandise services to UEFA since 2002. We are proud to have been the exclusive ‘Official Merchandise’ vending provider to UEFA’s three prestigious finals, including the world’s biggest club football match, The Champions League Final. We have had some amazing adventures over the years including, driving our fleet of mobile trailers from the heart of Glasgow to downtown Bucharest, Romania, in doing so, our fleet safely traversed the great Hungarian plains.

The things we’ll do to sell a T-shirt.

And that's not all...

The Commonwealth Games

Introducing the Merchandise Partnership®

A revolutionary approach to risk free Event Merchandising

The Merchandise Partnership® Explained

The Merchandise Partnership® is a licensing-based partnership with a minimum licensing period of three years. We offer our partners our long-term experience and our proven services to manage on our joint behalf’s, all merchandise sales opportunities through both event and online channels. We also look to be introduced to event partners and officiating bodies, such as the council or authority holding the event, in order to network and propose our partnership services. If accepted by reputation or tender, we ensure a high level of service is provided, merchandising sales are maximised and an agreed percentage of the profit assigned to the partner.

Our clients, at no cost, or risk, can engage in new and income-centric merchandise channels. We manage and activate the entire operation and communicate with our partner at every step of the process. We build and maintain industry relationships that thrive on developing additional revenue streams, all managed by BiG and their expert staff.

Why leave it to others to generate substantial income from you events and client relationships.

How does it work?

Simply put, we target prospective partners where we see an opportunity to introduce then construct, a win-win collaboration.

Our prospective partner has access to repeated official merchandise sales opportunities. We are an award winning, specialist merchandise contractor, we have relevant experience and enjoy a stellar reputation.

We provide our services to partners across Europe from our Glasgow base: Marketing, Graphic Design, Ecommerce Webstore design and hosting, Digital Print, Embroidery, Screen printing, Retail Merchandise Units, Pop-Up Shops, Logistics, Postal services, Storage, and Fulfilment.

We believe we have, in-house, All the services required to professionally maximizes any merchandising opportunity.

The 10 Point Guarantee

Central to the success of the relationship is our ’10 Point Guarantee’. It unequivocally confirms that Promotional Warehouse are confident enough of the future outcome, that it is willing to underwrite the entire programme from the outcome. As a specialist contractor, we need to find longer term merchandising opportunities and when we do, we need to show that we will underwrite the entire programme thereby mitigating any financial or otherwise risk to our potential partner.

  1. NO FINANCIAL INPUT WHATSOEVER is required throughout the duration of the partnership.
  2. ALL RISKS, Risk Assessments and Methodology Statements are assumed by the Business Incentives Group.
  3. All necessary insurances will be in place in advance of trading and upheld throughout the duration of the partnership.
  4. A percentage of all nett sales is directed to our partner, this includes: Event merchandise, online sales and any sales arising from third-party introductions.
  5. A comprehensive reconciliation document, recording all sales activity is issued quarterly, royalties due are paid 30 days after.
  6. Our ‘Award Winning’ services, including: Design, Event Merchandise, E-Commerce, Distribution and Fulfilment form part of our standard operating procedure.
  7. A bespoke online shop will be designed and in operation throughout the relationship.
  8. All resultant IPR in relation to designs created and used, will be assigned to Sail Training International.
  9. On-going Official Merchandising ranges include: Design, Production, Event Vending, Online Seasonal Campaigns.
  10. Without exception, no product will be made available for sale without partner sign-off.

Event Merchandising Services

Event Retail

Here is where we are particularly strong.

Over the years, Promotional Warehouse have demonstrated on many occasions, our knowledge and experience of event retailing.

On Site Sales

The on site sales operation is an amalgamation of complex products and services whose single objective is to maximise the merchandising revenue opportunity at major events.

The services breakdown is extensive however we include below the top 10:

  1. Pre Event Planning
  2. Stock Forecasting
  3. Site Surveys
  4. Site Negotiation
  5. Logistics & Equipment (branded mobile retail trailers)
  6. Staffing & Accreditation
  7. Production/Management/Retail
  8. Match/Event Day Operations
  9. Break Down
  10. Banking & Reconciliation

Commercial Concessions

Consumers expect high quality products delivered speedily, courteously and efficiently. Venue managers expect services that meet the needs of their visitors, whilst maximising their own commercial opportunity.

  1. Experienced management and sales staff
  2. Temporary concession stands (internal/external)
  3. Provision of card payment terminals
  4. Customer relationship management
  5. Point of sale
  6. Business intelligence and reporting
  7. Full inventory management
  8. Graphical and visual statistics on sales
  9. Report generation (reports customised to client needs)

Pop Up Stores

Where necessary we can implement and manage a retail pop up store campaign.

During the Scottish Poppy Appeal we operate 25+ stores within prime retail locations across Scotland.

Promotional Warehouse Mobile Retail Unit 1
Promotional Warehouse Mobile Retail Unit 1

Our Mobile Retail Units

Promotional Warehouse Mobile Retail Unit 3
Promotional Warehouse Mobile Retail Unit 4
Promotional Warehouse Mobile Retail Unit 5

Event Retail Units

Wherever the venue we will deliver and collect. Our trailers are custom built to suit their purpose and are extremely spacious, practical and simple to commission. Once in situ they can be operational within minutes.

Whatever the requirement we have a mobile solution to suit.

Our quotation process is simple and includes:

  • Daily Hire Charge
  • Delivery & Collection (self-drive available)
  • On Site Set-Up
  • Instruction

Branded Retail Units

We can brand the trailers with bespoke signage ranging from single colour to all over, full colour vinyl.

  • Headerboard
  • Base Boards
  • Side Panels
  • Full Wrap Vinyl

Price on Request

Our trailers have many applications with the most popular being: Information Points, Merchandising Units, Mobile Box Offices, Ticket Sales and VIP Collection Units

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