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Promotional Warehouse In-house Branding

In-house Services

Our in-house services are aligned to our mission, which is:

‘To exceed our customers’ expectations in convenience, service, quality and pricing’.

There are many benefits to having expert staff skillfully operate, in-house, state of the art equipment, here are some examples:

  • We simplify the buying processes by agreeing a convenient production time for both parties. Out-sourcing doesn’t allow that.
  • Not only do we provide good service, we’re confident enough of our abilities to invite you to come watch your goods being branded.
  • It’s easy to say “We provide high quality goods”, it’s even easier when you can prove it. Come and inspect the goods before you buy.
  • We use data when pricing our products to ensure that our costs are competitive and value led.

Garment Printing

Garment printing offering a high-quality finish at low cost. It's effectiveness across a range of fabrics, high clarity, and excellent durability, make this an ideal process for promotional clothing, and retail products.

Use Garment Printing For:

  • Promotional Clothing.
  • Bright, Bold, Vivid designs.
  • Larger Designs.
  • Items such as T-Shirts, Vests, Hoodies, Aprons, Tea Towels, etc.


Embroidery provides an intricacy and subtlety that is not always available with a printed finish. This means a highly professional, detailed finish.

At Promotional Warehouse, we utilise machine embroidery - this means that we re-create your design in a format the machine can understand, and it does the stitching automatically. This provides an incredibly intricate finish that is true to the original.

Use Embroidery For:

  • Hard-wearing Workwear.
  • Staff Uniforms.
  • School Uniforms and Sportswear.
  • Sports or Casual Wear for Teams & Clubs.

Heat Transfer

Vinyl transfers are great for simple, single colour designs consisting of text and simple shapes. It is a very durable material, and is also available in a variety of colours and finishes such as fluorescent, metallic, or flock. We can also print high quality, complex, full-colour designs using other types of heat transfers which are ideal for limited runs or a quick turn around.

Use heat transfers for:

  • Single colour, text and simple designs.
  • Complex and full colour designs.
  • Fast turn around required.
  • Small print runs.

Garment Finishing

Take your branding to the next level with this final step to add prestige and value to your promotional or retail product. Reflect your brand identity rather than that of the manufacturer. Our services include: Inner neck printing, woven label stitching, swing tickets and packaging.

Use garment finishing for:

  • Retail Products.
  • Promotional clothing for events, tradeshows and exhibitions.
  • Adding value to products you are selling.
  • Establishing high brand value and attention to detail.

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